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Pasito a Pasito is a renowned Spanish brand of maternity bags and baby accessories

Pasito a pasito was founded in 1995 with the aim of creating a line of baby products very different from all the others, with more elaborate, capricious and at the same time practical collections; using first quality materials, seeking differentiation and distinction, highlighting the elegance and harmony in each of their garments.

Our products are aimed at current mothers who seek perfection and value details, governed by the classic canons of good taste. In short, functionality with impeccable finishes that make Pasito a pasito offer an unmistakable style.

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Bolsa Panera Inés Acolchada de Pasito a Pasito

Price €47.53 Regular price €52.81

Bolsa Panera Inés Acolchada de Pasito a Pasito La bolsa panera Inés Pasito a pasito además de ser práctica es muy elegante. Tiene una buena capacidad para llevar todo lo imprescindible del peque cuando salimos fuera de casa.

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copy of Colchoneta Silla Atelier Pasito a Pasito

Price €29.80 Regular price €43.80

Pasito a Pasito Colchoneta Silla de Paseo Atelier Funda ideal para cubrir la silla de paseo y que tu bebé se sienta fresquito durante los meses de verano.

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copy of Libro NacimientoI Love Vichy Walking Mum

Price €22.23

Maleta para la clínica Dreamer gris.  Bolsa para el hospital/clinica especialmente pensada para llevar todo lo que necesitas para ti, el papá y el bebé. 

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